Our Warranty

Brainy Bums Ltd products are covered by a generous 1 year  warranty, from the date of original of purchase. We believe our products have been made with care, attention and high quality materials meaning your nappies are made to last. 

This warranty is non-transferable and is void for our nappies purchased pre-loved. The proof of original purchase is required.  

Full terms and conditions.

To file a claim, please send an email to info@brainybums.co.uk  with your order number, purchase date and clear pictures of any defects, please also include a picture clearly showing the print of the nappy. 

Brainy Bums Ltd will endeavor to provide a replacement in the same print or colour where possible however this may not always be possible based on current stock. The buyer shall be offered to wait for a replacement (if this is still a stocked line due within an acceptable time frame) or an alternative choice from current range. 

Claims covered by our warranty.

  • Snaps
  • Stitching
  • PUL
  • Elastics
  • Zippers

Claims NOT Covered by warranty (Not limited to)

  • Normal wear and tear such as:
    • Pilling
    • Staining
    • Fading
    • Balding and holes in natural fibers
    • Relaxed elastic
  • Leaks (often caused by fit issues or a build up within the nappy).
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Print placement
  • Washing above 60 degrees
  • Where an instrument has caused damage ie washing machine seal, scissors, sharp items. 
  • Soaking
  • Using Bleach or Fabric softeners
  • Accidental damage IE. washing above 60 degrees, excess tumble drying at a high temperature, soaking, bleaching, damage caused by Velcro. 
  • Snags/cuts 
  • Any type of modification IE. cutting off labels, adding of poppers.
  • Damage caused by malicious or willful intent. 
  • Direct application of heat I.e drying directly on a radiator or heater aired. 
  • A poor wash routine or wash routine which means the nappy has been left soiled for longer than 48 hours.